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D. What does the Professional Surveyor need from me?
  1. The purpose of the survey.
  2. A copy of your deed, or the book and page where it is recorded in the county Chancery Clerk's Office; any survey plats that you have, and information about the location of corners and property lines.
  3. Brief history of ownership and past conveyances.
  4. Names and addresses of adjacent land owners.
  5. Information about disagreements over location of corners and lines.
  6. A site visit with the surveyor.
  7. Agreement as to who is to pay for the survey and when.
  8. A copy of all title examination notes, if available.
E. How can I obtain the services of a Professional Surveyor?
  1. Ask someone who has employed a competent surveyor.
  2. Look in the yellow pages or a business section of a telephone book.
  3. Obtain a list of professional surveyors from the Mississippi State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, Jackson, Mississippi, phone (601-359-6160)
  4. Contact the Mississippi Association of Professional Surveyors, (MAPS) or one of it's members.


F. What may I receive from the Professional Surveyor?
  1. Survey plat(s) (drawings, maps) suitable for recording, showing all necessary information in accordance with "Minimum Standards for Land Surveyors in the State of Mississippi."
  2. A property description, if required.
  3. A surveyor's inspection report or other required and agreed-on documents.



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